I love making clients' lives easier!  

Here are a few sample testimonials which made me smile...

Lisa helped us reclaim 100 square feet of unusable space in our home. Given today’s real estate prices, that’s an incredible return on our investment in her services.
— Tim, Commercial Real Estate Executive
Lisa’s help de-cluttering and staging our apartment made a big difference in getting us the price we wanted, and from the first people who saw it! She helped uncover the beauty and potential hidden behind years of clutter.
— Lynne, Author
We had just completed a year-long renovation of our home. I was 8 months pregnant, working full time and chasing an active 3 year old. The thought of unpacking and organizing – including boxes that had been in storage for up to 7 years – was exhausting! Fortunately, Lisa stepped in. She helped me look critically at my clothes, shoes and accessories, separating items that were no longer figure-flattering or suitable to my lifestyle from the “keepers”. I parted ways with 74 pairs of shoes and donated more than 20 bags of clothing. What a relief! Now when I reach into my closet, my things are organized and accessible.
— Hillary, HR Director
Who bought me new toys?
— Parker, 4-Year-Old rediscovering long-buried toys (We didn't have the heart to tell her we actually removed several bags of old toys when we decluttered!)
I feel calm and in control of my work for the first time in ages. Lisa’s help taming my piles of papers, creating a master to-do list and creating an Action Center with all required documents and supplies has been a godsend.
— Constance, Legal Advocate
Lisa reaffirmed my faith in being able to live with kids in Manhattan. Thanks to her fresh eye on how to use our space, we realized we can make our current apartment work and postpone the pain of moving to the suburbs.
— Amy, Mom of Three
More effective than couple’s therapy!
— Client's Husband who prefers to remain anonymous
Lisa made the daunting task of deciding where to begin a very matter of fact, easy transition into the separation of what you need vs what you cling to “just in case”. I love the end result of an organized, easy-to-access space. I feel free after cleansing myself of all the stuff I kept, but never used, all these years.
— Mary, Global Consulting Executive
Lisa helped me change the way I view my belongings by encouraging me to focus on quality vs quantity. After helping streamline my space, her voice stays with me when I shop, reminding me to focus on investing in things I love and things that will last rather than buying for the sake of buying.
— Michele, Banking Executive
I knew I needed help getting organized, but I was embarrassed to have someone see all of the clutter I had accumulated over the years. Lisa’s calm, non-judgmental style immediately put me at ease and made the process much less overwhelming.
— Anne, Busy Mom